Beth Lee-Crowther, Pulse Talk Radio Presenter and Author

Beth Lee-Crowther, Author and Pulse Talk Radio Presenter

I have followed Delphi’s incredible work for many years and have been privileged to have had her as a guest on numerous occasions on my Radio Show, sharing her vast and extent knowledge of sleep and the meaning behind our dreams. So when I received a copy of her book ‘Answers in the Dark‘ I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. It quickly became apparent that this book is a life changer.

I struggle with my sleep patterns and often find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. In the past I have tried all the recommend advice to no avail until I read Delphi’s book. 

Delphi literally goes under the covers and shares her vast experience and knowledge about the reasons why many of us struggle to get a peaceful and rejuvenating night’s sleep. 

Delphi draws upon her counselling background and intuition to identify key factors that create  interference with our sleep and sets about giving us a plan of action so we can get into good sleep habits which can improve our daily lives. 

Delphi examines the links between our mental well-being and our sleep issues and also looks at the grief we have experienced and how this can affect our quality of sleep. 

This book is filled with practical advice, exercises and scientific evidence making this book a valuable tool for anyone who wishes to gain a greater understanding of sleep and dreaming. 

This book goes far deeper than a dream analysis book and although different types of dreams are explained and common themes of dreams are interpreted the real diamond within the book for me is Delphi’s practical advice. Delphi encourages you to practice mindfulness and talks you through exactly how to do this and what it is as well as what it is not. Delphi shares her many techniques about meditation too,  which I personally found great success with, enabling me to fall asleep effortlessly. 

When reading the book from cover to cover (I couldn’t put it down once I started) it felt as though Delphi could see inside my head and had identified all my sleep issues and had connected things from my past that was affecting my quality and length of sleep. I have put Delphi’s exercises into practice, I now meditate and keep a sleep tracker as she suggests. My sleep has improved greatly and so has my anxiety and stress levels as a result. 

I now feel I have the tools and knowledge to be in charge of my sleep habits and my lifestyle has improved as a result. 

In my opinion this is the best book you will ever read about sleep, you will learn so much and will look forward to bedtime once again. 

This book has far exceeded my expectations and made a huge and positive improvement in my life. 

Thank you Delphi for writing it. 

Beth Lee- Crowther, Pulse Talk Radio Presenter, TV Pet Psychic, Author of the Amazon best selling book ‘Everything you need to know to become a Pet Psychic’


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Delphi is a counsellor, speaker and author of Answers In The Dark: Grief, Sleep and How Dreams Can Help You Heal, out now on Amazon and Hive © All rights reserved.